Our wines

The distinction of the varietal bouquets and the essential nature of the fruit are goals each year. Thus, the Terre Rosse vineyard proudly presents its production, the expression of its passion for its land and the result of research performed generation after generation, enhancing local vinestocks and comparing them with the major examples of the selection. Even in the cellar tradition and innovation combine and inspire constant improvement.

Cultivars and Crus from Terre Rosse

Cabernet Sauvignon The Rosso of Enrico Vallania comes from 4 Cabernet Sauvignon vinestocks, one of which is local and aged in steel for 3 years for classic results. The Cuvée of Enrico Vallania comes from the local vinestock alone and is aged for 4 years. Some bunches, selected early, produce a variety, Cabernet in Rosa, used for a white wine after rapid maceration on skins.

Chardonnay Taken from four French Chardonnay clones, it is bottled after six months in steel.

Cuvée Giovanni Vallania Taken from four French Chardonnay clones, it is bottled after three years in steel.

Malvasia The Malvasia of Adriana Vallania, an ancient local vinestock, is produced by cold maceration and low-temperature fermentation which leaves a high sugar residue and intense fruity bouquets.

Merlot The Petroso, which takes its name from the nearby Predosa road, next to the vineyard, consists 87% of three Merlot vinestocks and 13% of Cabernet Sauvignon. It is aged for three years.

Riesling Italico The Malagò of Elisabetta Vallania comes from an ancient local vinestock similar to the Riesling Italico which has been in existence within living memory on the hills around Bologna and takes its name from the vine of the same name.

Vendemmia Tardiva di Malagò A reserve produced only in certain years, particularly favourable for late harvesting, with the contribution of a special Rhine vinestock which is combined with the Malagò. Aged in steel for three years.

Pinot Bianco A selection from the area of classic Pinot Bianco vinestocks. Bottled alter six months.

Pinot Nero One of the first varieties cultivated at Terre Rosse which was the subject of lengthy cone selections and was reintroduced in 1994 after almost 20 years of non-bottling. An association of four French clones. Bottled after three years

Sauvignon Selection at Terre Rosse of third-generation French clones.

Viognier The enthusiasm to explore new areas led Enrico Vallania to study generally unknown clones. These include, since 1982, the Viognier, served after ageing of at least three years as an aperitif and with shellfish.